Valparaiso Day Spa Aguas Termales – Tijuana, Mexico

Valparaiso Day Spa Aguas Termales is a hidden gem in Tijuana, Mexico. This secluded day spa is nestled in the mountains and offers stunning views of the city. The spa offers a variety of services, including massages, facials, and body treatments. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the prices are very reasonable.

Grutas Tolantongo – Hidalgo, Mexico

Grutas Tolantongo is a group of caves and hot springs located in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. The area is popular with tourists and locals alike, and is known for its stunning scenery and natural beauty. The caves are home to a variety of plant and animal life, and the hot springs offer a unique and relaxing experience.

5 Best Hot Springs near Mexico City

If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your trip to Mexico City, consider spending a day or two at one of the area’s many hot springs. Whether you’re looking to relax in a serene setting or get active in the water, there’s a hot spring to suit your needs. Here are five of the best hot springs near Mexico City.